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Greetings! If it's been a while since you've visited this website, you'll notice that it's been recently revised. More changes and updates are coming soon. The past few years have brought a lot of change, so I've re-designed to better serve my interests and those of my friends & family.

Like many of you, I’ve been using FaceBook for a few years, and so I hadn’t felt a need to update But lately, I’ve become disappointed with Facebook, and so I think that I’m going to start pulling back. Instead, I’ll use I was here first, and I can manage its content better than FB. After all, this website has been here for years, well ahead of Facebook. has languished in light of FaceBook, and I apologize for that. I took the easy path. But soon enough, I’ll be updating this website soon, and I’ll be posting more frequent updates..

Feel free to come back often, or you can each me in the Contact Me area.

Welcome to own home on the ‘net!