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Testing new RapidWeaver beta

For the past week, I've been testing a new beta of RapidWeaver, the software I use to generate the family website. It's come a long way from RapidWeaver Plus (a pre-cursor to RapidWeaver 3.0, from about a year ago). While I can see lots of opportunities to improve it, I like how it works. I've submitted my bug report and enhancement requests, and I understand there will be at least one more private beta before we'll see anything officially released.

I'm going to work in the yard today if weather permits. The lawn definitely needs to be mowed, and the weeds are starting to take over the back yard.

New chat status indicator

I've added a new feature on the website today. Visitors will be able to see the status of the family chat cam in real-time. If it's green, it means chat is online; red, means it's offline.

To initiate a chat (when it's green), just click the status indicator and it will launch AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM) or Apple's iChat (if you use it instead of AIM). It's really pretty neat how well it works. Give it a try yourself.

I also added Cookie's first installment of her "Everlasting Life" memoirs in the "Family Stories" area of the Message Board. Volume 1 is Mom's story of her early years, how she met Dad, and ends just as WWII is over the horizon.

Family website almost ready

After several starts, I've almost finished the family website. If all goes well, I intend to publish it Easter Sunday (tomorrow).

Back to the family website!

Well, it's back to work on the family website. I've just gotten a new beta of RapidWeaver, and I'm very impressed with its new feature set. As expected, it's got some bugs, too, but we'll pass them along to Dan at Realmac Software. I'm going to shoot for an Easter public release of the family website.


After about 90 minutes working on the iMac G5, I replaced its mainboard with the replacement. The fan on the replacement is considerably quiter than the original, so I'm happy. It was also a very educational process to see how the mainboard is installed and how everything on it is connected.

The old one will be on its way back to Apple tomorrow.

It's Official: time to replace the fan!

I've taken the iMac G5 back to the Apple store and they've listened to the fan noise. They agreed it should be replaced, because none of the other iMac's on display were as loud as mine. The offered to take it in and fix it for me, but I'd have to leave it there for three days. I've brought it back home with me and I'll contact Apple to see about a self-service replacement.

This should be interesting...

LOUD Fan noise in my new iMac!

Wow! When the fan gets cranked up in my new iMac G5, it's really LOUD. Based on the reviews I've read, the new iMac is supposed to be whisper quite.

Hmmm... guess I'll head off to the Apple store to see what they have to say.

New iMac G5 Widescreen

I just brought home a new iMac G5 Widescreen from the Apple store here in Austin.

Very fast. Very cool.

This is an all-in-one iMac (like all iMac's), but the entire computer is built into the screen. I've also picked-up the wireless keyboard and mouse, so there are no wires connecting them to the computer.

More to come.

Getting closer

The website is coming along nicely, and I hope to make it available in time for Christmas to show the family. Still working on one or two things, like getting the movie to play automatically and installing the message board, and then it should be ready to show.

New website progress

I've been working on the site now for a few weeks. There are some anomalies in the software that I'm working thru, but it's nice to see how far the new website has come. Hopefully I'll have it done by Christmas.