Get a Mac

These are the latest Get a Mac ads from Apple. I think they're all spot-on, and having used Macs and PCs for years, I can attest that these are all quite true.
Deep freeze<br /><i>Mac's don't</i>
Deep freeze
Mac's don't
114,000 viruses!<br /><i>Not on a Mac</i>
114,000 viruses!
Not on a Mac
Oh, <u>THAT</u> better<br /><i>Yeah - we know...</i>
Oh, THAT better
Yeah - we know...
Bundled apps<br /><i>Clocks can be cool</i>
Bundled apps
Clocks can be cool
Universal connectivity<br /><i>It just works</i>
Universal connectivity
It just works
Wall Street Journal<br /><i>Finest on the market</i>
Wall Street Journal
Finest on the market
Out of the Box<br /><i>PC vs Mac experience</i>
Out of the Box
PC vs Mac experience
Touché<br /><i>Gotta love Intel Macs</i>
Gotta love Intel Macs
Family Vacations?<br /><i>Missing the point entirely</i>
Family Vacations?
Missing the point entirely