Sometimes we come across some really funny clips, and want to share them. These are some of the best. Click on a movie to view it.
Trunk monkey<br><i>Road rage control</i>
Trunk monkey
Road rage control
Trunk monkey<br><i>Delinquents</i>
Trunk monkey
Trunk monkey<br><i>Police negotiation</i>
Trunk monkey
Police negotiation
Trunk monkey<br><i>Theft retrieval</i>
Trunk monkey
Theft retrieval
Trunk monkey<br><i>Pediatric edition</i>
Trunk monkey
Pediatric edition
Kitty goes for a spin<br><i>Notice: not mine</i>
Kitty goes for a spin
Notice: not mine
Janet's malfunction<br><i>The REAL cause...</i>
Janet's malfunction
The REAL cause...
Dogs & peanut butter<br><i>Got milk?</i>
Dogs & peanut butter
Got milk?
Texas Tech bell ringer<br><i>Guns up!</i>
Texas Tech bell ringer
Guns up!
Fridays vs Mondays<br><i>Gotta love Fridays!</i>
Fridays vs Mondays
Gotta love Fridays!
John West Salmon<br><i>Only the best salmon!</i>
John West Salmon
Only the best salmon!