Personal Favorites

This is a selection of my favorite photos, which changes frequently. Visit here often to see what's new.
Jafar in tinder

Looks like he's in charge!

My big sis, Carla

Bestest buddies, Alex & Doe

Best buddies, Alex & Doe

Rob & niece Megan

Meg nestles Todd

Em snuggles Todd

Kenny & Bri up in a tree

Tree Monkeys


Sea of Sunflowers



Back to Texas

Long drive back alone...

My Favorite Kids


OMG - Bri Killed Kenny!

Laser Transmitter

Laser Communicator

Tree Face

Tom & E = Joy!

My New iPhone

My FREE 8GB iPhone arrives!

Big Bite

Malcolm's First Photo

It was THAT BIG!

Carla Shows Uri

Say What?

Garfield Who?

Malcolm & Me

Ready for my Close-up

Spring Fling at the Bark Park

Spring Fling at the Bark Park

Tom and his navigator

I Want Up!

Just Chillin'

Best Buddies

Hanging out at Hooters

Malcolm with Sassie

My Old Nikon Kit

Bee's Knees

Everyone Loves Malcolm

Purple Blooms


Pure Love (8x10)

Bikers are Tough!

Latest 'Do'

Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Bro & Sis

Carla, Michael (L) and Christian (R) June '90

Mike, Carla & Christian